About Prohip

About Prohip

Prohip is the name of an inter-regional project bringing the regions of Zealand and Skåne together with a view to optimising the treatment and care of hip patients.

This website is part of the project and also of the e-health project providing citizens and patients information about hip surgery and rehabilitation. The website is also aimed at healthcare professionals with the objective of contributing to a high standard in the treatment of hip surgeries. Therefore, you can get insight into the results generated by the project, just as there are links to instruction material and patient information prepared during the project. As a citizen you can find a wealth of information on the website under Advice and counselling, just as you can watch films from Region Zealand and Region Skåne where you follow patients who have a hip fracture or a hip replacement. What does Prohip mean? “Hip” is the English word for the part of the body from the waist to the top of the leg, while “pro” is Latin and means in front of or towards.

As the name indicates, the Prohip project is a project about how to develop the best possible treatment for hip patients.

Skærmbillede 2013-10-17 kl. 13.30.34A book about Prohip

A book about Prohip has been published. Contact Britta Hørdam if you want to receive a copy. To browse a digital version of the book please click on the link below.

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