About Prohip

The birth of the project

Prohip was initiated by Britta Hørdam, Head of Research at University College Zealand, in 2009. Britta Hørdam has for many years been involved in research projects on the rehabilitation of orthopaedic surgery patients, and in her PhD (2008) she proved that phone calls from nurses to patients discharged from hospital after hip surgery may improve the patients’ functional level and reduce readmissions. This was the starting point for an application for a cross-border EU project involving the regions of Zealand, Denmark and Skåne, Sweden.

Project objectives

Prohip has the following objectives:

  • The general public of Region Skåne and Region Zealand should have the best possible access to and knowledge of hip replacement. The project will bring the two regions closer together.
  • Nurses working in hip surgery departments will be participating in a quality development programme and launch development projects within five focus areas.
  • Development of an e-health concept ensuring that the public receives information about the latest know-how in the area and gets an overview of the possibilities offered by the two regions.

If you want more details about Prohip, the project data may be relevant:


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