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Project data

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  • The healthcare staff in both regions will be entering a competence development process aimed at the rehabilitation of people suffering from chronic diseases, particularly patients preparing for hip surgery.
  • The collaboration between the two regions is to be strengthened by enhancing the healthcare staff’s knowledge of treatment across the two regions and by integrating specific public healthcare offerings through e-based service solutions.
  • Development of an e-health concept for rehabilitation in order to gather all recent data in one unit. The e-health concept comprises a citizen booking system in which citizens can find information about waiting times for treatment and get familiar with surgery types.

The citizen booking system must ensure that the most recent knowledge is made available for hip patients in a website that makes it easy to find the relevant information. The system is based on the competence development of the healthcare staff, including the collection of data about hip patients and integration of the most recent knowledge of patient treatment. This will provide the general public in both regions with more choices across regional borders, an overview of waiting times and a greater selection of choices between more and better treatments. The e-health concept has the following intermediate objectives:

  • A citizen booking system that provides citizens with information about where in the region they can receive the relevant and desired healthcare services
  • Possibility to compare services
  • Possibility to check after-care treatment and rehabilitation


Healthcare staffs (see participants in the project) from both regions have met at workshops, conferences and study tours for the past three years to compare orthopaedic surgery practice at the hospitals in Slagelse and Næstved and at Lund University Hospital.

Collection of data

During the first three years of the project, data about patients admitted for hip surgery has been collected. If you are a citizen, you can see the communicated results under Advice and counselling. If you are a healthcare professional you can find a more scientific account of the results under Results.

Development projects

In addition to data collection, the participants in the project have examined how the treatment could be optimised within the following areas:

  • Rehabilitation (the patient’s post-operative course)
  • Diet and nutrition
  • Preventing pressure ulcers
  • Confusion (experienced by some patients in connection with hip surgery)
  • Retention (urinary problems after surgery).

The overall knowledge of the subjects and the practice of the departments have been reviewed. Moreover, information material has been developed for the patients. The material has been presented at national and international conferences for healthcare staff.


In order to be able to inform the public about the project and the time before and after a hip replacement, Prohip has developed five information films. The first film about the project is available in a Danish/Swedish version and an English version. The four films informing the public about the surgery show the course of two Danish surgeries and two Swedish ones.

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