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Rehabilitation and exercises

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Warm water exercises are good for hip patients

Surveys show that exercises are of great importance to hip patients whether you have osteoarthritis of the joints, have osteoporosis or are recovering from a hip replacement.

If you have strong pains in the hip joint and the surrounding muscles or if you have reduced mobility, exercises in warm water could be a good idea. In water you become weightless which increases your mobility. Here you can see where you can exercise in warm water (in Danish only) in Region Zealand.

There are also other possibilities for rehabilitation or maintenance exercises. The local authorities of Slagelse and Næstved have healthcare and exercise centres which you can be referred to for individual training or training in teams suited to your particular needs. See how to contact Slagelse and Næstved for exercise offerings.

When you are discharged after a hip surgery, it is important that you start exercising. You will be instructed in what exercises to do before you are discharged, and it is important that you continue to do the exercises on your own. See an exercise programme below (in Danish only).

Download exercise programme – Næstved Sygehus (PDF)

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