Literature and media

Literature and media


Here you will find an overview of the literature used by the participants in Prohip during the project period. In addition, there are references to websites and film cuts which may be of interest to you.

Literature used in connection with course activities during the first part of the project period

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Literature used in connection with course activities during the second part of the project period

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Excerpts from chapters

Kruuse, Emil (2007), Kvantitative forskningsmetoder i psykologi og tilgrænsende fag, 6th edition, Dansk Psykologisk Forlag (selected chapters).

Thisted, Jens (2011), Forskningsmetode i praksis. Projektorienteret videnskabsteori og forskningsmetodik, Munksgaard (selected chapters).

Online media

The road to quality (in Danish only) from Krithfilm ApS on Vimeo.

And one more…

Safe surgery and good observations (in Danish only) from Krithfilm ApS on Vimeo.

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